Writing Knowledge-based articles

Worldwide companies releasing own products and solutions today adopt knowledge-based articles as a major enabler for support cost efficiency due to information provided within this type of articles.
A knowledge-based article (KB) is in essence an article which tries to present relevant information related to specific solution, information which addresses frequently-asked questions or troubleshooting issues.
In general, knowledge-based articles enable people to retrieve and use the knowledge within the articles.

Who writes the web-based articles

In most organizations technical writers or support engineers are in charge of writing knowledge-based articles.

How to create a knowledge-based article?

In order to write knowledge-based articles:

  • Collect the frequently-asked questions. In order to create a complete list of questions, contact the support department within your organization.
  • Search within existing product documentation to see if answers were already provided within manuals when releasing the product. Although the user might find out the answer to the question by reading product documentation, it might be great if you create a knowledge-based article providing the best answer.
  • Give a good title to your article and write a short introduction to the article. When writing the title and introduction, you might take into consideration that you have to make people think they are in the right place to find out the needed information.
  • Write step-by-step instructions keeping in mind to include all the actions needed to complete the task most together with expected results.
    NOTE: When an issue might have multiple resolutions, describe the simplest, most user-friendly and accessible solution.
  • Send the KB to the support engineers for revision and publication on the company‚Äôs website

Using the knowledge-based article you might create a new section within the Troubleshooting guide / chapter delivered with the product.

In conclusion, a knowledge-based article offers a how-to procedure to troubleshoot issues,to provide workarounds or to highlight important product flows that have already been covered by the product documentation.

Good luck with your Knowledge-based articles!

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