Passionate or just a workaholic technical writer?

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I was in the tram heading to work the other day reading the book Manuscript found in Accra written by Paulo Coelho. There was an interesting chapter talking about two types of work; first type is the work done to gain existence when people work just to worth money for food, and another type of work when although they work to gain money, people work with passion, dedicating themselves to achieve something.

While reading the lines I remembered that over the time, some colleagues told me I’m a workaholic. Am I?
When talking about work I have identified the following types of people:

Don’t Like

These are persons who don’t like working and who have spent their whole life waiting for others to support them. Some might be smart enough to find the “ever lasting soul” to support them for life, and others wait for the state to support them through. These people don’t have a goal in life; or perhaps their goal is to live the moment.

Must Do

People who work just because they have to. There is no one to support them and they must work to gain their existence. These people work for food. Going far back in time remembers me of a friend from childhood who naïve at that moment said that he lives “to eat and not eating to live”.

I Love It

This category encompasses people who beside the fact that must work to make a living, they work with passion. It is the case of people who wake up in the morning and go to work with joy; always with a smile on their face. These are those who intrigue their colleagues, as few are able to understand their presence of spirit.


And last but not the least, workaholic people. People addicted to work, people who cannot leave on vacation without their laptop. There might be various causes to becoming a workaholic: from an inexistent personal life to thinking that through work you’ll be able to solve the issues of life…

What about me? What am I?

I do work with passion, I love things that I do at work; it makes me feel I’m important and that somehow I can bring values thorough my work. If I can make a difference I do it.
I admit that sometimes I tend to be workaholic technical writer but I try to balance work with my personal life. It helps me keep going and I think it makes me successful.
What about you? Are you a workaholic or a passionate person?

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