Blogging as a technical writer: How to make money from blogging – Part I

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At the beginning blogging was the perfect tool for people to provide useful information to other people. Due to the fact that the most people just Google almost everything on the Internet, blogging became a powerful tool to make money. How can you make money from blogging? What are the secret ingredients to be successful?

The blogger profile

At the beginning of blogging, people were blogging from passion, the passion of sharing their knowledge with the world. Later on people started blogging for money either as blog owners or as freelancers.

Blog owners

There are people who own a blog from the passion to write and to share. However, as time passed by, they learnt that their passion could be a great money generator. Unlike simple bloggers who just write articles, blog owns are a special category of people who do research on SEO, traffic increase and which other ways are there “in the cloud” to generate more money from owning a blog.

Freelance bloggers

Freelance bloggers are those interested in writing articles for others surcharge. The most common places to search for blogging projects are on freelancing websites. It is howsoever important to learn how to write quality articles. Most contractors request high-quality content which passes Copyscape.
The need for people to write ebooks has faced a quick grow on the market due to the fact that ebooks are either being used on own websites to generate more traffic either to be sold on different specific websites, like Amazon.

4 Steps to make money from blogging

The target audience of this article is you interested to start a blog, or blog owners willing to exploit the existence of your “child”, that is your blog.
Exploiting a blog to make money involves time, dedication, and pretty much management issues. To be successful with your blog you should follow some basic steps:

1. Blogging while following SEO baseline

Although there is no magic formula for SEO, there are some basic SEO rules to follow when writing on a blog. Choose the best title article using Google Keyword tool. Then write unique content to engage your audience, highlight keywords and link to other articles on your blog.
If you don’t have time to write the articles yourself you might think hiring someone else do the writing for you. You may find some experienced writers who could write high-quality content for you. A good approach to have the articles done in the proper manner is to create a list of topics and a set of rules for the winning bidder to follow. If you don’t afford paying an experienced blogger, hire a cheaper one and another person to review his/hers work (although I don’t recommend it).
In order to increase the blog traffic, the most significant thing to do is writing articles consistently, 3 to 7 articles per week.

2. Advertise your blog

Once you have content on your blog, you need to let people know about it. How? There are several ways of advertising your blog.
Social media presence
Due to the fact that people spend more and more time on the Internet and in virtual communities, the presence on social media market is essential to increase traffic to your blog. Your “blog awareness” could be increased if you have a strong presence on social networks. Communication on social media will get audience attention if you have attractive content on the blog.

The most used social networks by bloggers are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. For a more elaborated list of social websites, see Wikipedia.
Writing guest posts
A guest post is an article you write for another blog to increase audience. When writing a guest post, find the highly ranked blogs in your niche. If your article is good enough to be published, the traffic to your blog will increase.
Paid advertising
If you want to invest some money in advertising, you can do it with paid Ads from Google (Google AdWords), Facebook, LinkedIn or others. However, take into consideration that higher traffic is not guaranteed as it depends on the ad settings (look and feel, targeted audience, etc.).
You might be skeptical about paid ads but there are many people who did it and increased long-term traffic.

3. Affiliate

If you become an affiliate to specific vendors might increase your earning substantially. How? Affiliate with vendors on Digi Results, Amazon or other affiliation programs.

As an affiliate, you will promote products from your niche on your blog. Every time someone purchases the product using the link from your website, you will be paid the agreed fees.
Give it a try only after you have some consistent traffic to your blog.

4. Ebooks and courses

Now you have reached your base objectives, it’s time to evolve. Create some good ebooks and sell them on the blog. Pay attention to create useful content as an extension to the blog content. You should not just copy/paste content from articles. You might full people once to buy the ebook but you will decrease traffic if you full your audience.
Experienced bloggers with a presence in the niche chose to do some paid courses for newcomers into the niche. You know you could pay someone else to do the work for you.

I will present a successful story in another post.

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