How to sell your tech colleagues that they should help you write good whitepapers

I’ve been talking to a good friend of mine the other days, Ioana Serban, Marketing Director at Computaris. A highly dedicated and passionate professional always trying to get the best out of people and delivering high quality marketing services to the customers. One of the issues she confronts with lately is convincing their global sales team and the system/solution architects that they should get more involved in their content creation strategy.
Read below Ioana’s thoughts on how to sell your tech colleagues that they should help you write good whitepapers. We all know that marketing is so hard to sell! Especially to the top management but also to the colleagues from the other departments. And when you need their input to promote your thought leadership in a technical domain you get stuck if you don’t manage to convince them to put some enthusiasm into helping you implement your inbound… Read more...

How to choose a new localization vendor

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I admit to not having attended any terminology classes but I used to read a lot about terminology and products localization.
A few months ago, I have been given the great opportunity to test the market in terms of localization vendors. Scenario: a new product to be translated into several languages. The localization project involved two phases: UI localization and documentation translation into several languages.It was a great way to temporarily forget the usual tasks I dealt with and immerse myself in some market research. There are some steps to follow when choosing a new localization vendor. I will share with you some things I learnt on the fly.

1. Create a top-3 vendors list

In order to choose a new localization vendor, start writing down the top-3 localization vendors list… Be aware that evaluating more than 3 localization vendors might be time-consuming… Read more...

Business Unit Manager key responsibilities and required skills. To be or not to be?

In a previous article I was talking about restructuring a company in business units and I only provided a brief description of Business Unit Manager responsibilities.
You might have been given the opportunity to drive an innovative and strategic direction for a specific business unit and you wonder which key responsibilities you may have. Or you might be a recruiter in charge of defining job description for a Business Unit Manager position. This article gives a clear view on Business Unit Manager (often referred as BUM), responsibilities as well as the set of skills required for such a position. A BUM is in charge of achieving product line growth and profitability; owns the financial success of the business unit through establishment and achievement of current and long-range objectives, plans, and results.

Business Unit Manager Responsibilities

Key responsibilities for a Business Unit Manager are:
  • Determines and formulates operational and business strategies

How to recreate the company in business units and address the missing ingredient to be successful

I’m always trying to get the whole business picture and striving to understand the reason for the lack of involvement within a company. In general, people tend to avoid responsibilities and point the finger to the one “next door” saying “it is not my business to do that” and so on. As a consequence, you start having issues with deliverables and long useless meetings; it seems like this is never going to end or the worst case scenario: you will not be living “happily ever after”  It is a fact that over the past 5 years many companies have adopted the Agile methodology without really understanding how it works or being inspired to adapt it to the internal functionality and the customers’ needs. There are many successful stories talking about working in business units which sustain the fact that recreating a company in business units might bring a new… Read more...

Answering RFP: 3 Original tips

I’ve been missing writing on the blog. After 2-week vacation, I’ve been down in my knees within documentation and translations. A lot of things to finish for three releases coming very soon 
Now I am a bit relaxed and have a few things to share with you; but let’s take it one at a time.
A few days ago I had the chance to learn something new. I’ve been given the chance to see a Request For Proposal (RFP) document one of managers was preparing for a prospective customer.
For those who don’t know what an RFP is, let me give you a short overview:
An RFP is a document written by a company/client who wants to purchase services or products. It contains questions the client is particularly interested to find an answer. The answers to these questions will determine the client to purchase the services /product or not.… Read more...

Technical writer challenge: Amazon Cloud

More than a month ago someone from the Operations department told me they need a helping hand updating a product architecture and security document upon a customer request. I agreed updating the document although I only had a slight idea of the effort required to complete this task. Imagine I didn’t know very much about products’ security, or about security of products hosted on cloud solutions.

What is the purpose of a product security document?

The purpose of a security document is to ensure the customers that the product environment is secure. The document also provides security information including: infrastructure security, account security, service specific security and more. It worth mentioning that a company might have internal security documents covering confidential data and procedures in terms of business continuity; data that you should never publish to your customers.

Technical writer challenge: Amazon cloud opportunity

There I was, taking over the…

Technical writer: Passion outside of work

As an exceptional professional, my time is extraordinarily precious – much more precious than others might appreciate. It’s Wednesday and I need some good ideas for an infographic. I navigate through the Shutterstock images and by fortune or just a divine coincidence, a photo captures my full attention, a beautiful musician playing guitar, an image created by Ollyy. I valiantly attempt to calm down and gather my thoughts. I shake my head and realize that I somehow identify myself to the beautiful girl playing guitar. My heart steadies to its regular rhythm, and I can breathe normally again. I save the photo and send it to myself by E-mail. The only explanation for the strange sensation that worth mentioning is that when I listen to Metallica music, my mind unleashes any frontier; I operate at my full capacity of creativity and inspiration, being very effective at work. Waiting for the… Read more...

Technical Writers Maven: Waterfall versus Agile documentation

I’ve met technical writers fearing the agile methodology adopted within the organizations they work for. Why? It is a fact that people fear change; many of us are resisting change, we fear the unknown; however, if you learn how Agile works, it is much easier to embrace a new development methodology. It might be easy for developers (or not) they can easily adapt to change: use another tracking tool for Agile development; it might be easier for testers too. What about technical writers? What about Agile documentation? What is the flow? How does

Technical Writer: Wildest moments

In my wildest moments of thoughts and inner restlessnesss, often happens that beautiful memories take my breath away, leading me back in time to long forgotten places and feelings. As time passes by, with every second going towards the future, we enchain our childhood into beautiful crystal boxes and place it deeply inside us, suddenly transforming everything into unforgotten old memories. And as impossible as it sounds somehow they become something to die for. Let me tell you a short story. More than 7 years ago, there I was heading to the tram station, towards a specific location (I cannot remember which one) when walking near the park between the blocks in the neighborhood, suddenly I saw three little girls chatting. Although initially I thought they were playing, they were

My first animated presentation: Tekom Europe Roadshow 2014

Yesterday, while sitting on my deck, I was trying to clear my mind of the tumultuous ocean of ideas and thoughts. I realized that over the past years I conducted research on various topics and fields; which allowed me to add extensive knowledge other than technical writing. A new road full of great potential revealed in front of me, new opportunities to grow professionally and touch my creative soul.
Convinced that I’ve lost many good ideas on the road, I said to myself, hey Oana, why don’t you check the personal E-mail and see if you’ve send yourself useful information? Indeed why not? I started to navigate through hundreds of E-mails, looking for specific recipients, friends I’ve shared useful information over the time. Suddenly, this special message reveals