Marketing radio systems solutions – Report

Abstract: This report evaluates vendors that sell end-to-end radio systems solutions for fleet management, system performance management, data transmission and telemetry and lone worker and personal security solutions.
Accept the dare to break out your comfort area, consider this article to break out of the conventional approaches of marketing your
radio systems solutions.
This report was conducted analyzing the providers listed within the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Application Catalogue.
Research Highlights
This report highlights the following aspects:
  • Marketing innovation. Be smart.
  • Brand awareness. Communication channels.
  • Product documentation. Easy to find and read.
  • What’s next?

1. Website innovation. Be SEO 

Most of the companies activating in this niche are outdated in terms of new marketing technology and trends. You will see many old fashioned non-attractive websites. However, some smart guys who decided to keep the step with the trends rock in terms of the website look and feel. Yet they… Read more...

Letter from Santa Claus to my 7 years old boy

Dear Lucian, My elves checked what you’ve been doing since I visited you last Christmas They reported that you’ve been a naughty boy. Shame on you for not listening to your parents and grandparents. You are a smart kid and yet being smart it’s not enough; thinking that you’re intelligent and believing that you know everything will not get you far into the future; it will only limit your achievements. You are still a child and children should listen carefully to the parents’ advices. Parents have once been kids as well and naturally they made mistakes, but they learned from mistakes and you should be aware that sometimes you have to learn from others mistakes. Listening to your parents is a big MUST. Nobody was born knowing everything. For your own good, in order to succeed, listen to your parents. Learn, be eager to always learn new exciting things. Be… Read more...

Letter from the wise old Saint Nicholas to my 7 years old boy

Dear Lucian, I am very sad to see that you have a stomachache. In the future try to eat what mom says, even if sometimes you dislike the aspect of food; you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that the food is tasty. I watched you at school and I congratulate you for paying attention during classes, being active, answering teacher’s questions. However, remember that you have to work at home as well, resolve math exercises and write letters; only through exercising on a daily basis you’ll become better. Only by hard work, being careful and calm you’ll become an accomplished adult. This is the path to a future where your dreams will come true. Be gentle and understanding with colleagues and friends. Respect the others, especially parents and grandparents because they will guide your steps through a bright future. Remember to be happy, always enjoying the little things in… Read more...

Endless hope

Empty soul going nowhere.
As I walk slowly on the road sprinkled by pain, I sink into the darkness; and with every step I make, the loneliness, this endless silent plaque enchains me from inside outside. I walk aimlessly troubled by thoughts that give me no peace at all.
How did I get here? I turn around and look carefully to my footprints into the soft and surprisingly warm snow. Each footprint encapsulates bright special moments of life. For a second I pretend to be a genius and while retrospectively look back into the past, everything transforms into a delightful stellar rain, can you imagine that every single start was born from happy moments, parts of my life. Yet, how did I get here? Should I stay and look back or should I head like a hurricane to the uncertain future? In the end, how bad could it be? If… Read more...

Performing a technical audit for an IT project developed with European funds

Performing a technical audit for an IT project developed with European funds
Scenario: One of the biggest security companies in Romania contacted me and a colleague of mine to perform a technical audit for a complex software solution, a CRM consisting of several modules: Patriot ERP, ticketing module and dispatcher module. The company contracted an outsourcing company to develop the IT project. We’ve never done this before, we have no accredited certification and yet we have the knowledge to perform a technical audit for an IT project. Why? We are two technical geeks who really understand how software projects/products are implemented, able to verify the product implementation against initial specifications.

1. Create the offer

Once you receive the request for proposal which includes the technical project description and hardware purchased, create the offer taking into consideration to have a plan in place. What will you audit? How do you organize… Read more...

Building high quality documentation for real-time dispatching solutions

Just recently I had the chance to rewrite and improve documentation for a varied range of products from two-way radio solutions to complex integrations of radio systems, thus entering a fascinating industry, one which addresses various services such as:
  • Public safety – reliable radio dispatches allow public institutions protect our communities.
  • Transportation industry – using radio dispatch communication and supervision provides better communication, security and a real-time overview on resources in the transportation sector: railways, airports and ports.
  • Exploration of natural resources – radio communication is also crucial in fields like: oil and natural gas, forestry and mining.
  • Utilities – Even if it’s hard to believe, dispatching solutions are very effective in assisting organizations providing electricity, gas, water and telecom services to our community. How? Dispatchers can easily communicate with operations teams, supervisors and emergency teams in the field, minimizing the interruptions to critical public services.
Basically, the dispatching solutions

Creating effective product labels

When we talk about technical communication in general we tend to refer to user documentation, online help, how-to use procedures and courses. But when we think to a software product the first technical communication type is the product labels, messages and indicators. Why? It is the first communication level with the users, giving minimal guidance on what and how to use the product. In general, product labels are created with user experience in mind, with a UX expert involved within the product design/development process. However, most companies do not have an UX expert, therefore developers are in charge of creating the product labels. As each role requires specific skills, developers are specialized in writing and rewriting code not product labels. Anyway, one solution to writing effective product labels is to involve technical writers and / or technical communicators to review the product labels created by developers. Why is this… Read more...

Winning Strategies for Technical Writers: 5 Key Steps for Success

End users tend to escape documentation when it comes to encountering issues with specific products. And there is a reason for this to happen; there are still many products which have useless end user documentation which does not offer clear flows; which lead to higher support costs for the companies. Why? A customer which cannot easily find solution to an issue will almost always pick up the phone and call the support department to get help.
The need to bridging the gap between end users and product documentation is vital across multiple industries. Learn how to overcome these challenges and successfully “deploy” valuable technical writing services.

Key Steps 1: Explore the product functionality

Learning the product helps you reduce the likelihood of making the common mistakes in documenting the flows. Always have in mind that hands-on experience with the product will make you the most valuable first user.
How do

Tracking the translation/localization of your documentation

Tracking the translation of your products’ documentation might give you headaches if not properly managed. Being in charge of managing the translation/localization of documentation in more than 12 languages for various products, I found out that the best way to ensure consistency between various product versions and languages is to organize documentation in products and product versions on the local file server also taking into consideration the file naming conventions.

Tracking the translation/localization of your documentation on the file server

  1. On the local file server, create a folder named Documentation.
  2. In the Documentation folder create folders for each product.
  3. Within each product file, create folders per product versions.
  4. Inside each product version folder create a folder per language.
  5. Within each language folder save the documents for the specific language taking into consideration the product and product version.

Tracking the translation/localization of your documentation using language filenames

Another important aspect for…

How to set the chm title in Help and Manual

This is a very short article I will use as a reminder to myself on how to set the chm title in Help and Manual projects.
  1. Go to your help project.
  2. Go to Configuration Help Windows.
  3. In the Title bar text field enter the title of your help project.
  4. Click File Publish and from the Publish Format drop-down list select HTML help (.chm) then click Publish.
This is how your project title will like: