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Blogging as a technical writer: How to make money from blogging – Part I

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At the beginning blogging was the perfect tool for people to provide useful information to other people. Due to the fact that the most people just Google almost everything on the Internet, blogging became a powerful tool to make money. How can you make money from blogging? What are the secret ingredients to be successful?

The blogger profile

At the beginning of blogging, people were blogging from passion, the passion of sharing their knowledge with the world. Later on people started blogging for money either as blog owners or as freelancers.

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5 Steps to Grow Personal and Professional [INFOGRAPHIC]

Building professional profiles is an easy task but when it comes to personal and professional development we have an issue with the path to follow.
Some might wonder why personal and professional development? An appropriate work-life balance is the key to a happier life!
This cute infographic presents the 5 steps to personal and professional development.

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Passionate or just a workaholic technical writer?

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I was in the tram heading to work the other day reading the book Manuscript found in Accra written by Paulo Coelho. There was an interesting chapter talking about two types of work; first type is the work done to gain existence when people work just to worth money for food, and another type of work when although they work to gain money, people work with passion, dedicating themselves to achieve something.

While reading the lines I remembered that over the time, some colleagues told me I’m a workaholic. Am I?
When talking about work I have identified the following types of people:

Software test case template

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What is a software test case?

A software test case is a list of conditions and specific steps which allow the quality assurance engineer / tester to determine whether the software is working properly or not. Software test cases are written based on software use cases which are usually written by programmers.

Sets of test cases, as known as test suites, allow testers to test various software functionalities. Break down functionalities into modules and create a test suite per module.

In order to completely test a software, you need to create a test specification which comprises various test suites.

Starting a business tips


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I have noticed during the past few years that there are many people who have a business idea. What happens? The scenarios are so varied that it would be impossible to mention them all. In the initial phase, people are so enthusiastic that they are not aware of important steps to follow and sometimes they reach the point to say “I was such a dreamer” and they fail. If you have a business idea, you should follow some basic rules for starting up a business.

1. Brainstorming with friends who have a feeling for businesses

You have a business idea but you’re not sure yet how you can be successful. If you have friends who already own a business, ask for their advice. What if he is going to steal my idea? If your friend is a person you can trust, he won’t do it. Your friends might give you some valuable input on the business idea you have and you might choose another road to success.

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Improve communication skills: 3 major communication factors

After several discussions to managers and team members, I have noticed that there is a lack of communication between the two parties. Why?

The lack of communication might have various causes. These are just a few that might help you understand how communication is influenced by people and circumstances.

1. Different styles and personalities

For team members

People fail understanding that we are different; different people with different styles and personalities.

Being a very communicative person, I have a sixth sense to “read people”, meaning that it is very easy for me to see a person style. I am a technical writer who needs to interact with most of my colleagues (managers, developers, testers, etc.). It is not always easy to work with people. Independent to the company I worked for; there is always at least one colleague who people find very hard to work with. Why? He/she is not willing to help you, although it’s in his/hers responsibilities to do so.

What should you do? Something I have tried and it actually works is trying to establish a “connection”. Try to find out what you have in common, or not. Go to lunch with the team or invite colleague to a coffee break. Invite the colleague to a tea/ coffee in the company’s kitchen. Talk about anything else but work. This might help you establish the “connection”. It is also a good way to find out your colleague personality.

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