Request For Proposal Free Document Template

ID-100142278 A Request For Proposal is a document an organization publishes to elicit bids from potential vendors to purchase specific products or services.
Completing a high quality RFP will help you define deliverables and it has major impact on the project success. A complete RFP will help you get all the information you need for a purchase from the prospective vendors leading to an easy-to-make decision, that is, vendor selection.

Therefore, take your time and do it right. This RFP template covers all sections to be included in an RFP used for buying a new product / service. If you need to get bids from vendors to replace an existing product or service you use, the RFP document is slightly different; however, I will talk about this in another article coming soon. Read more

Technical Writers Maven: Waterfall versus Agile documentation

agile and waterfall documentation
I’ve met technical writers fearing the agile methodology adopted within the organizations they work for. Why? It is a fact that people fear change; many of us are resisting change, we fear the unknown; however, if you learn how Agile works, it is much easier to embrace a new development methodology.

It might be easy for developers (or not) they can easily adapt to change: use another tracking tool for Agile development; it might be easier for testers too. What about technical writers? What about Agile documentation? What is the flow? How does Read more

My first animated presentation: Tekom Europe Roadshow 2014

technical writer innovation

Yesterday, while sitting on my deck, I was trying to clear my mind of the tumultuous ocean of ideas and thoughts. I realized that over the past years I conducted research on various topics and fields; which allowed me to add extensive knowledge other than technical writing. A new road full of great potential revealed in front of me, new opportunities to grow professionally and touch my creative soul.
Convinced that I’ve lost many good ideas on the road, I said to myself, hey Oana, why don’t you check the personal E-mail and see if you’ve send yourself useful information?

Indeed why not? I started to navigate through hundreds of E-mails, looking for specific recipients, friends I’ve shared useful information over the time. Suddenly, this special message reveals Read more

Competitors analysis: Technical writer perspective

Competitor analysis

A few months ago, someone asked me to review a Competitors Analysis document. To mention I have never created or revised such a document before. Why? Competitors’ analysis is not one of the technical writer’s responsibilities. However, I decided I will take a look at the document and surprisingly: everything was unclear . Besides the fact that the document was unstructured, the information was just a copy/paste or expressing the personal opinion of the person who conducted the competitors’ analysis.

I know many might say that it’s not my business but hey, this is yet another opportunity to learn something new, something that might be valuable in the future. I will share with you my thoughts on how to conduct competitors’ analysis.

I initiated a complex research on the Internet, reading dozens of websites talking about competitors’ analysis and I kind of created a document scratch in my mind. That was enough to Read more

Technical writing on the Romanian market

ID-100205313 Image courtesy of cuteimage.

Something has changed over the past ten years. Well, for one, we have more IT software companies joining the Romanian market, but that is only a part of the puzzle.
The other piece is the companies’ awareness to hire/contract technical writers which could be one important value-added to the products and service they offer.
If ten years ago there was a balance between the cost and the responsibilities of a technical writer; nowadays, in Romania, more and more employers are looking for 3-in-1 technical writers.

What does that mean?
Over the past years, I was involved in discussions with medium and small companies looking to hire technical writers and I have noticed Read more

Out-of-the-box technical writer professional profile

Just recently, and it’s hardly even worth mentioning except perhaps as a reproof to myself, I find that whenever I’m on my way to work, not only my heart goes crazy but by mind is surrounded and invaded by magical ideas.

One magical morning, another beautiful day to do some magic at work, I was waiting in the crowded subway station surrounded by whispers… Almost everyone is in some kind of a sleepy mood; however, here and there two teenagers are talking with passion…

I suppressed a smile and turned my attention to the elegant lady Read more

Blogging as a technical writer: How to make money from blogging – Part I

Image courtesy of Digitalart,

At the beginning blogging was the perfect tool for people to provide useful information to other people. Due to the fact that the most people just Google almost everything on the Internet, blogging became a powerful tool to make money. How can you make money from blogging? What are the secret ingredients to be successful?

The blogger profile

At the beginning of blogging, people were blogging from passion, the passion of sharing their knowledge with the world. Later on people started blogging for money either as blog owners or as freelancers. Read more

5 Steps to Grow Personal and Professional [INFOGRAPHIC]

Building professional profiles is an easy task but when it comes to personal and professional development we have an issue with the path to follow.
Some might wonder why personal and professional development? An appropriate work-life balance is the key to a happier life!
This cute infographic presents the 5 steps to personal and professional development. Read more