User experience and product documentation

When we talk about user experience we talk about “all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products. The first requirement for an exemplary user experience is to meet the exact needs of the customer, without fuss or bother. Next comes simplicity and elegance that produce

Surprisingly what truly motivates us is…

There has always been a lack of understanidng between employyes and employers when it comes to incentives and rewards. Take a few moments and think about the truth reveiled within the video below created by Cognitive Media.

Malformed chm file when pressing F1 within the product

I open the product and press F1. The chm file opens but content if malformed: the skin is altered, the links and snippets do not work. We cheeked the chm file used to create the product build and it is k. Does anyone know a fix to that/

Bring Your Product Documentation White paper

Abstract. Since the start of my career in technical writing I’ve witnessed tremendous change in the way we perceive product documentation. If ten years ago almost nobody read the product manuals, nowadays everyone reads product documentation even before purchasing the product. Technology innovation is changing forever. Thus products are adapted to

Marketing radio systems solutions – Report

Abstract: This report evaluates vendors that sell end-to-end radio systems solutions for fleet management, system performance management, data transmission and telemetry and lone worker and personal security solutions. Accept the dare to break out your comfort area, consider this article to break out of the conventional approaches of marketing your radio

Performing a technical audit for an IT project developed with European funds

Performing a technical audit for an IT project developed with European funds Scenario: One of the biggest security companies in Romania contacted me and a colleague of mine to perform a technical audit for a complex software solution, a CRM consisting of several modules: Patriot ERP, ticketing module and dispatcher module.

Building high quality documentation for real-time dispatching solutions

Just recently I had the chance to rewrite and improve documentation for a varied range of products from two-way radio solutions to complex integrations of radio systems, thus entering a fascinating industry, one which addresses various services such as: Public safety – reliable radio dispatches allow public institutions protect our communities.

Creating effective product labels

When we talk about technical communication in general we tend to refer to user documentation, online help, how-to use procedures and courses. But when we think to a software product the first technical communication type is the product labels, messages and indicators. Why? It is the first communication level with the

Winning Strategies for Technical Writers: 5 Key Steps for Success

End users tend to escape documentation when it comes to encountering issues with specific products. And there is a reason for this to happen; there are still many products which have useless end user documentation which does not offer clear flows; which lead to higher support costs for the companies. Why?

Tracking the translation/localization of your documentation

Tracking the translation of your products’ documentation might give you headaches if not properly managed. Being in charge of managing the translation/localization of documentation in more than 12 languages for various products, I found out that the best way to ensure consistency between various product versions and languages is to organize